ConnectSDK v1.6.0 Released

|Deepak Sharma| Posted by Deepak Sharma | September 9, 2015

We proudly announce the launch of ConnectSDK version 1.6.

New in this release, you can get your app to work with Android TVs. Isn’t it cool?

To improve the playback experience, we have added the support for subtitles. And great news for Cordova developers; this version makes the build process really simple, with better playback experience with support for subtitles and playlist controls and much more.

Here is a list of what’s new the ConnectSDK version 1.6.0 offers:

  • Cordova support

    • Automatic install scripts for iOS and Android
    • Support for pinning web apps
    • Support for subtitles
    • Support for pairing type
    • Support for playlist controls
    • API for external input picker
    • Simplified way to determine device capabilities
    • Miscellaneous Bug fixes
  • Subtitle support on WebOS, Netcast, DLNA, Chrome cast and FireTV.

  • Support for Android TV devices.

  • Fixed play media issue on Roku 6.2

  • Removed Rewind and FastForward capabilities from Netcast service

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Please continue to help our work by contributing to our open-source effort and providing your valuable feedback to us.