Connect SDK 1.4.4 released

|Alpesh Saraiya| Posted by Alpesh Saraiya | April 27, 2015

With version 1.4.4, we’ve added support for Google Cast SDK 2.6.0, which allows streaming of audio to Google Cast-enabled speakers, such as LG Music Flow speaker. Also we now support AirPlay pin mode for increased security. Lastly, we’ve fixed a number of issues related to DLNA and other miscellaneous bugs.

The combined release notes for iOS and Android:

  • Added AirPlay pin mode support
  • Added LG Music Flow speaker support (Google Cast for Audio and DLNA)
  • Support for Google Cast SDK 2.6.0
  • Misc DLNA fixes
    • DLNA subscription methods
  • Allow to set pairing type for WebOS TVs
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • Replaced DefaultHttpClient with HttpURLConnection
    • Added a new exception class - NotSupportedServiceCommandError
    • Compiler and static analyzer warnings
    • Immediate disconnect if Apple TV has an IPv6 address only
    • Lint warning

We are working towards some exciting features, including Windows SDK support and new device platforms support in the coming months. Please continue to help our work by providing your valuable feedback to us.