ConnectSDK v1.5 Announcement

|Alpesh Saraiya| Posted by Alpesh Saraiya | July 9, 2015

With ConnectSDK version 1.5, we’re extremely proud to announce support for Amazon’s Fling SDK on Fire TV and Fire Stick devices! iOS and Android Apps can now seamlessly beam video, audio, and images to Fire TV / Fire Stick. We are looking forward to expanding support for Amazon products. To further integrate apps within Smart TVs, we now have ability to pin web apps on webOS 2014+ TVs. Developers can now provide convenient, instant access to a wealth of web apps like MusixMatch. If you have a web app to offer and want to increase your install base with minimal effort, please register here. The combined iOS and Android release notes for ConnectSDK v1.5:

  • Supports Amazon Fling SDK to play and control media on Fire TV devices

  • Pinning web app on webOS TV launcher bar

  • Enhanced webOS TV media player

    • Added playlist and loop support
    • Extended play state subscription to handle media playback errors
  • Added launching input picker for new versions of webOS TVs

  • Fixed discovery for ChromeCast in Android

  • Added ConnectSDK support for Windows on LG webOS and NetCast Smart TVs (big thanks to contributor Sorin Serban!)

  • Created a first set of integration and acceptance tests

We are working towards supporting some more exciting new features and device platforms in the coming months. Please continue to help our work by contributing to our open-source effort and providing your valuable feedback to us.