Represents a subtitle track used for media playing.

The URL is required, so the -init method will throw an exception. Please use the parameterized initializers.

This class is immutable.

Different services support specific subtitles formats:

  • DLNA service supports SRT format only. Since there is no official specification for them, subtitles may not work on all DLNA-compatible devices.
  • Netcast service supports SRT format only, through DLNA.
  • Google Cast service supports WebVTT format only and has additional requirements:
  • FireTV service supports WebVTT format only. Subtitles on Fire TV are hidden by default and should be displayed manually by the user.
  • WebOS service supports WebVTT format only. Server providing subtitles should support CORS headers, similarly to Cast service’s requirements.


NSURL * url
The subtitle track’s URL.
NSString * mimeType
The subtitle’s mimeType.
NSString * language
The subtitle’s source language. The contents depend on the target device.
NSString * label
A custom label that may be displayed by a device’s media player.


+ (instancetype) infoWithURL:(NSURL *)url

Creates a new instance with the given url.


  • url
+ (instancetype) infoWithURL:(NSURL *)url andBlock:(void(^)(SubtitleInfoBuilder *builder))block

Creates a new instance with the given url and properties set in the builder object.


  • url
  • andBlock: block