Normalized reference object for information about a DeviceService’s app. This object will, in most cases, be used to launch apps.

In some cases, all that is needed to launch an app is the app id. For these cases, a static constructor method has been provided.


NSString * id
ID of the app on the first screen device. Format is different depending on the platform. (ex. youtube.leanback.v4, 0000001134, netflix, etc).
NSString * name
User-friendly name of the app (ex. YouTube, Browser, Netflix, etc).
id rawData
Raw data from the first screen device about the app. In most cases, this is an NSDictionary.


- (BOOL) isEqual:(AppInfo *)appInfo

Compares two AppInfo objects.


  • appInfo – AppInfo object to compare.

Returns: YES if both AppInfo id values are equal

+ (AppInfo *) appInfoForId:(NSString *)appId

Static constructor method.


  • appId – ID of the app on the first screen device