RemoteCameraControlDelegate allows your app to receive remote camera status information.


- (void)remoteCameraDidPair
Calls when the remote camera and TV are first connected (You have to guide the user to accept the connection on the TV.)
- (void)remoteCameraDidStart:(BOOL)result

Calls to pass success or failure of connection with TV after starting remote camera function


  • result – Connection result with TV
- (void) remoteCameraDidStop:(BOOL)result

Calls to pass the result of a remote camera stop request.


  • result – Remote camera stop result
- (void) remoteCameraDidPlay
Calls when data transmission starts by requesting remote camera execution from TV.
- (void) remoteCameraDidChange:(RemoteCameraProperty)property

Calls when a camera setting is changed by TV App request. For the property types, refer to RemoteCameraProperty.


  • property – Remote camera property
- (void) remoteCameraErrorDidOccur:(RemoteCameraError)error

Calls when an error occurs after starting the remote camera. For error types, refer to RemoteCameraError.


  • error – Remote camera error