Discover & Connect to Device

This guide assumes you’re working with a brand new Cordova app as described in the Setup Instructions. It will show you how to add a button that selects a supported smart TV on your local WiFi network and displays a video.

Adding a device picker button

Open hello_connect/www/index.html in your preferred editor. Let’s add a new button:

<div class="app">
  <h1>Apache Cordova</h1>
  <button onclick="app.showDevicePicker()">Select a TV</button>

Open hello_connect/www/js/index.js in your preferred text editor. Find the “onDeviceReady” method, which is called when Cordova is finished initializing. At the end, add the following line:


Next, add a new method to the app object called setupDiscovery:

setupDiscovery: function () {

Now let’s add a handler for the button:

showDevicePicker: function () {

Let’s build and run the modified example. If you are building through Xcode/Android Studio you will need to run the following command to update the projects.

cordova prepare

Otherwise, you can simply build with the Cordova tools</>

cordova build

Connecting to a device

If the app launch went well, you should be able to click on the “Select a TV” button to bring up a picker.

Next, we should allow the user to actually do something with the TV.

Open hello_connect/www/js/index.js again. We’ll modify showDevicePicker to talk to the TV by chaining a success callback that will be called when a device is selected. This function will be called with a device object as the first argument, which we can use to send a video URL to the TV.

showDevicePicker: function () {
    ConnectSDK.discoveryManager.pickDevice().success(function (device) {
        function sendVideo () {
            device.getMediaPlayer().playMedia("", "video/mp4");

        if (device.isReady()) { // already connected
        } else {
            device.on("ready", sendVideo);

Capability Filtering

If your app is making use of certain device capabilities (media playback/controls, web app launching, etc), it is strongly recommended that you create filters with this information for DiscoveryManager.

Devices that are discovered & shown in the picker will be guaranteed to have the set of capabilities that you have provided. This will prevent your users from selecting a device that has not yet acquired all of its protocols.

var videoFilter = new ConnectSDK.CapabilityFilter([

var imageFilter = new ConnectSDK.CapabilityFilter([

ConnectSDK.discoveryManager.setCapabilityFilters([videoFilter, imageFilter]);