The ExternalInputControl capability serves to define the methods required for normalizing all functions regarding external input switching and general info.

ExternalInputInfo objects are plain JavaScript objects with the following properties:

  • id (string): A platform-specific id representing an input device
  • name (string): A human-readable name for the input device


externalInputControl.getExternalInputList ()

Get a list of input devices (HDMI, AV, etc) connected to the device

On success, the success event/callback will be fired with the arguments (externalInputList)

  • externalInputList: ExternalInputInfo[]

Related capabilities:

  • ExternalInputControl.List

Returns: Command

externalInputControl.setExternalInput (externalInputInfo)

Switch to the specified external input

Related capabilities:

  • ExternalInputControl.Set


  • externalInputInfo (object) – Object containing the proper info to set current input. For best cross-platform support, it is suggested to get ExternalInputInfo references from getExternalInputList, if possible.

Returns: Command

externalInputControl.showExternalInputPicker ()
Returns: Command