Normalized reference object for information about a subtitle track. It’s used in MediaInfo class. The only one required parameter is url, others can be null. This class is immutable and has a builder for easy construction.

Different services support specific subtitle formats:

  • DLNAService supports only SRT subtitles. Since there is no official specification for them, subtitles may not work on all DLNA-compatible devices

  • NetcastTVService supports only SRT subtitles and has the same restrictions as DLNAService

  • CastService supports only WebVTT subtitles and it has additional requirements

  • FireTVService supports only WebVTT subtitles

  • WebOSTVService supports WebVTT subtitles. Server providing subtitles should support CORS headers, similarly to Cast service’s requirements.

Inner Classes


String getUrl ()

String getMimeType ()

String getLabel ()

String getLanguage ()

boolean equals (Object o)
Parameters: - o

int hashCode ()