The DevicePickerDelegate will receive a message when the user cancels or selects a ConnectableDevice from the DevicePicker list. This is the preferred method of selecting a device from DiscoveryManager.


- (void) devicePicker:(DevicePicker *)picker didSelectDevice:(ConnectableDevice *)device

When the user selects a ConnectableDevice from the DevicePicker's list, this method will be called with the selected ConnectableDevice.

  • picker –

    DevicePicker that device was selected from

  • didSelectDevice: device –

    ConnectableDevice that was selected by the user

- (void) devicePicker:(DevicePicker *)picker didCancelWithError:(NSError *)error

This method is called if the user presses the cancel button in the picker or if Connect SDK forces a cancellation. If Connect SDK forces a cancellation, there will be an NSError object passed with the reason.

  • picker –

    DevicePicker that was cancelled

  • didCancelWithError: error –

    NSError with a description of the failure