DefaultConnectableDeviceStore is an implementation of ConnectableDeviceStore provided by Connect SDK for your convenience. This class will be used by DiscoveryManager as the default ConnectableDeviceStore if no other ConnectableDeviceStore implementation is provided before calling startDiscovery.

Privacy Considerations

As outlined in ConnectableDeviceStore, this class takes the following steps to ensure users' privacy.

  • Only ConnectableDevices that have been connected to will be permanently stored

  • On load & store, ConnectableDevices that have not been discovered within the maxStoreDuration will be removed from the ConnectableDeviceStore

File Format

DefaultConnectableDeviceStore stores data in a JSON file named Connect_SDK_Device_Store.json in the documents directory.

    // necessary for migrations, if needed
    version: 1,
    created: 1395892958.220422,
    updated: 1395892958.220422,
    devices: {
        "12345678-5137-1358-1544-123456789012" : { // each ConnectableDevice is keyed against its id
            "id": "12345678-5137-1358-1544-123456789012",
            "friendlyName": "My TV",
            "lastKnownIPAddress": "",
            "lastSeenOnWifi": "My WiFi Network",
            "lastConnected": 1395892958.220422,
            "lastDetection": 1395892958.220422,
            "services": {
                "66be8e5d-51be-b18f-f733-6c4dc8c97aca": { // each DeviceService discovered is keyed against its UUID
                        "class": "WebOSTVService", // DeviceService subclass name
                        "config": {
                            "class": "WebOSTVServiceConfig", // ServiceConfig subclass name
                            "UUID": "66be8e5d-51be-b18f-f733-6c4dc8c97aca",
                            "connected": false,
                            "wasConnected": false,
                            "lastDetection": 1395892958.220422,

                            // should be appropriate to the platform (in iOS this is an array)
                            "SSLCertificates": ...,
                            "clientKey": "..."
                        "description": {
                            "serviceId": "webOS TV",
                            "port": 3001,
                            "UUID": "66be8e5d-51be-b18f-f733-6c4dc8c97aca",
                            "type": "urn:lge-com:service:webos-second-screen:1",
                            "version": "4.1.0",
                            "friendlyName": "My TV",
                            "manufacturer": "LG Electronics",
                            "modelName": "LG Smart TV",
                            "modelDescription": "",
                            "modelNumber": "",
                            "commandURL": ""


double maxStoreDuration

Max length of time for a ConnectableDevice to remain in the ConnectableDeviceStore without being discovered. Default is 3 days, and modifications to this value will trigger a scan for old devices. ConnectableDevices that have been connected to will never be removed from the device store unless remove: or removeAll are called.

double created

Date (in seconds from 1970) that the ConnectableDeviceStore was created.

double updated

Date (in seconds from 1970) that the ConnectableDeviceStore was last updated.

int version

Current version of the ConnectableDeviceStore, may be necessary for migrations