CapabilityPriorityLevel com.connectsdk.service.capability.CapabilityMethods.CapabilityPriorityLevel

CapabilityPriorityLevel values are used by ConnectableDevice to find the most suitable DeviceService capability to be presented to the user. Values of VeryLow and VeryHigh are not in use internally the SDK. Connect SDK uses Low, Normal, and High internally.

Default behavior: If you are unsatisfied with the default priority levels & behavior of Connect SDK, it is possible to subclass a particular DeviceService and provide your own value for each capability. That DeviceService subclass would need to be registered with DiscoveryManager.


VERY_LOW = (1)
LOW = (25)
NORMAL = (50)
HIGH = (75)
VERY_HIGH = (100)


CapabilityPriorityLevel (int value)
  • value
int getValue ()